Last night I didn’t make it to the gym as my knee is still too bad. It’s giving way far too much so I think I need to let it settle a little more before I start a new vigorous exercise regime!

So as a start to my new kick-start I have begun a food diary. I was using some software to record what I was eating whilst calorie counting during the day but I found myself working on this sporadically and getting really obsessed with keeping my calorie count really low – which is not too healthy.

The diary itself is simple and kept on Google Docs, so I can access it wherever I have internet access.

This is what I ate yesterday:

October 29

  • Time out of bed: 7am
  • Before leaving the house for work: Tea with semi skimmed milk.
  • Breakfast @ work: Granola with raisins and almonds with linseed and semi skimmed milk. Tea with semi skimmed milk
  • Snacks/Drinks: Tea with semi skimmed milk
  • Lunch: Sweet potato mash (no butter), sauerkraut, Rocket and cooked chicken. Walkers light crisps. Tea with semi skimmed milk
  • Snacks @ home: Large chunk of blue cheese. Pineapple juice and fizzy water.
  • Dinner: Pork chop with honey and mustard with oven chips, peas + gravy. Small glass red wine. Fizzy water
  • Snacks/drinks: caffeine free tea with semi skimmed milk.
  • Bed time: 10pm
  • Exercise: None

As a whole day I don’t think this is too bad but there are elements that I could work on. I perhaps could have had more fruit / Veg and less dairy and when my knee is better I’ll be in the gym on a Tuesday too.


Losing mojo on both blogging and fitness came together for me.

I got injured (RSI injury) which prevented me from going to the gym to do what I wanted to do, which coincided with my job getting crazy busy and then moving jobs.

And so I stopped blogging.

But it turns out that blogging helps to motivate me to go to the gym, eat well and get fitter. So here I am again, needing to get fitter, stronger and faster on the track and writing about it.

I bouted on Sunday and every member of the team we played was stronger than me. Which was a real eye opener and has motivated me yet again to get back in the gym and on the weights.

I am desperate to get in the gym and on the weights as a result of Sunday, but I am currently suffering from a minor LCL injury – I think its a level 1 sprain. Now, although my knee does need rest I think I might go to Body Combat class tonight for the first time. It’s a weight training class with lots of squats and lunges and I’m thinking if my knee doesn’t like it I’ll stop, plus I’ve bought and excellent support for ligament damage which helps support recovery and so I think I’ll be ok.

Aside from the class, I’m going to start focusing on a new set of goals for the end of this year and next year and post it up. I think again this will help me to focus on my goals, get fitter and hopefully help me to keep my place on the A-team!

Till next time… x

I’m currently not taking part in scrimmaging and only doing light contact as I have a bad shoulder.

It’s frustrating.

I’m getting pain under my shoulder blade and although it is getting better (it was a stabbing pain before, now it’s changed to being sore). My sports Physio has said that it is due to a trapped nerve which he is trying to work out – I’ve now had two sessions with him and he thinks I’ll need a third but no more to fix the problem totally.

This diagram shows perfectly where the pain is:

I have been having problems with my shoulder for about three weeks know and have seen both the doctor and a sports Physio and they both agree that it’s down to bad posture – I sit at my desk all day long badly! But they don’t both agree on the treatment and/or whether or not I can play derby or even any kind of sport….

I’ve had conflicting advice from the sports Physio and my Doctor with the sports Physio has said that I can do contact, it wont make it worse but it will hurt as long as I have good posture (!) and  the doctor has told me not to do any contact or even any sport at all but I need physiotherapy but not sports Physio.

I have bouted in a tournament as a blocker, with this bad shoulder and it didn’t hurt any more but I’m vary wary at scrimmagages but perhaps shouldn’t be.

I think sometimes when you play derby you want to rush back to playing without being properly fixed – which is where I’m at now (three weeks is a long time especially when I’ve got new skates!) but I think I need to be patient and heal properly before jumping back in.

The cramp under my feet was just getting worse whilst at training – the pain had been building up during training for months. The more I did on my skates and the harder I pushed myself the worse the cramp got. Timed laps were a nightmare and as soon as I’d been sprinting on the track for 5 minutes my skates had to come off. It got so bad in fact that one evening (after I’d been wearing heels at work for two days straight which I don’t often do so it’s significant) I had to stop skating all together and couldn’t continue for the rest of the training session. I just couldn’t understand why my Bonts were giving me so much grief especially as they are semi custom and I drew round my feet to get sized before I bought them.

At that point I decided that I really needed to buy new skates as I couldn’t cope with the pain any longer (I’ve had my Bonts for well over a year so they should be ok by now surely!). I’d been thinking about getting some Vanillas (as I think they’re very pretty) for a while and was in the process of discussing with a stocklist about getting hold of a pair.

But then I got the opportunity to try a pair of Vertigo’s on at the Men’s European Championships and I fell in love. Like actually in love. They were exactly the right fit, felt comfortable  – the kind of comfortable where you get them out of the box and don’t get foot cramp or blisters or cuts (I have scars across the top of my feet from my Bonts cutting me).

So I bought some. Just like that.

2013-08-02 12.07.14

The first training session I tried them on, I couldn’t stop (and to be honest 3 sessions in I still can’t stop!). I was tired and tearful because of it and told some of my team mates very dramatically that I was going to give up playing Roller Derby!

My second training session on them was brilliant! As at the moment I’ve got a very painful shoulder (a trapped nerve), It’s too painful to join in with contact drills, so I spent the second session messing around with them and I had a total revelation…


To most derby players this probably is something that they can do with ease but for me I’ve tried for ages and always end up falling over on my knees. Our coach has even told me on several occasions that I really need to focus on my toe stop work.

But on my new skates I can run – not a totter a run an actual run! I can even go from rolling to running! And I could instantly do it which has made me wonder why I couldn’t do it before. I think I must have been doing the right kind of motion, distributing my weight correctly but something was just wrong as really after wearing them once surely being able to do a skill that has foxed you for some time instantly is nearly unheard of!

It’s amazing really to think that this equipment change (boots and trucks) has made such a difference to my skating and i’m only 3 sessions into wearing them. This delight has made me feel refreshed about my skating again and not so down,

I feel like the possibilities are endless and I don’t have foot cramp anymore!


So it’s been awhile since I last blogged, I’ve been super swamped with work, Derby and the gym. But that’s no excuse and so I’m back to blogging.

A couple of weeks ago now, I captained my last ever B-team bout. It was very exciting and emotional. In the first half of the game the team were pulling away the score and winning by quite a considerable amount which I think made it a little dull for the audience! But in the second half the Irish team pulled it back and we only won by about 3 points! Which apparently was very nerve wracking!

The game was brilliant to play and I thoroughly enjoyed playing this final game. Oh and at the end of the game, we did the awards and the Irish team gave me the Best Blocker award! It was amazing.

I jammed once, not a lot and got lead Jammer when I did – but didn’t score any points! Something I really want to work on!

It was a great game and a wonderful team that I’ve sadly left behind (although I still skate with everyone three practices a week!).